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Mobility Management Middle East
Mobility Management Middle East

Relocation services - Departure services

As part of our mobility management and relocation services for business travelers, expatriates, and their families, our multi-lingual consultants ensure that your departure is made smooth with no loose ends remaining.

Our departure services include:
Coordinate final bill payments
Lease termination
Prepare house for return to landlord
Complete move-out inspection document
Forwarding of mail
Coordinate/collect refunds of deposits
Hand over and talk through checklist (important things to know before you go)
De registration or utilities, phone, cable, ADSL, etc.
Cancellation of club memberships
Cancellation of rental furniture leases, coordinate removal, arrange for their return to supplier
Coordinate removal of appliances and return to supplier, if applicable
Arrange hotel for temporary living

Global Relocation Consultants is a member of EuRA, European Relocation Association for mobility management services and Worldwide ERC.

Mobility Management Middle East