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Mobility Management Middle East
Mobility Management Middle East

Relocation services - School search

As part of our mobility management and relocation services for business travelers, expatriates, and their families, our multi-lingual consultants provide personalized advise on finding the right learning institution for your children.

The role of our school search program consultant would be to:
Provide addresses, name of principal and telephone number/s of:
-    Preschool
-    Private tuition
-    Parochial
-    Public
-    Special needs
-    International (American, British, French, German ...)
Coordinate appointments with principals and accompany as necessary
Provide information on potential schools to meet child’s needs/interests (i.e. schools with concentration on athletics, academia, arts)
Advise assignee of required forms and paperwork etc. to meet local requirements (i.e. immunizations/certificate of residency, etc.)

Global Relocation Consultants is a member of EuRA, European Relocation Association for mobility management services and Worldwide ERC.

Mobility Management Middle East