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Mobility Management Middle East
Mobility Management Middle East

Relocation services - Settling in support

As part of our mobility management and relocation services for business travelers, expatriates, and their families, our multi-lingual consultants prepare a personalized settling-in program.

The general settling in program involves:

Itinerary based on needs analysis
Welcome / orientation packet
Local community
School appointments/information/registration
Shopping (grocery, furniture, appliances)
Medical facility options
Network into international community (clubs and organizations)
Language school referral
Recreation / leisure options
Ongoing assignment support (6 month access to telephone hot line)
Check in call to assignee every 30 days during the 6 months (telephone help line is renewable).

Global Relocation Consultants is a member of EuRA, European Relocation Association for mobility management services and Worldwide ERC.

Mobility Management Middle East