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Mobility Management Middle East
Mobility Management Middle East

Relocation services - Tenancy management services

As part of our mobility management and relocation services, we provide tenancy management to companies with employees in rental accommodation. Designed to provide support to the personnel/HR departments of corporate clients through outsourcing of the administration of the client's residential tenancies. Regular tailored management reports are provided.

Any issues related to the properties or tenancies are efficiently and effectively managed and resolved with landlords and their agents. We also support and advise tenants during this process.

Within this service, we take the following actions:
Ensure that provisions agreed with landlord are completed prior to occupancy
Digital photos of property condition before and after tenancy period
Advise the tenant (employee) of all obligations and duties of the lease agreement
Advise the tenant (employee) of all obligations and duties in respect to maintaining the premises in connection with housing policies
Apply for all utility link-ups (gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet)
Tracking of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease re-negotiation dates
Tracking of vacant properties
Cancellation of utilities and return of security deposits
Regular preventative maintenance visits
Handle minor repairs and other handyman services
Negotiate major repairs with the landlord and inspection thereof upon completion of work
Rent payment

Global Relocation Consultants is a member of EuRA, European Relocation Association for mobility management services and Worldwide ERC.

Mobility Management Middle East