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Mobility Management Middle East
Mobility Management Middle East
Mona Radwan


Global Relocation Consultants (GRC) was founded in 1996 as a sister company of Arabian American Real Estate, founded in 1973 by Mona Radwan, current President of GRC, and has been since serving the expatriate community in the Middle East and North Africa. Mona has been active on the Real Estate scene for over thirty years and in corporate relocation for over 10 years. During that time she established an extensive network of contacts and has a firm base for entering the Middle East market. She brings years of experience in the housing and relocation market through her management of Global Relocation Consultants, Middle East.

Our aim
Global Relocation Consultants was created with the aim of providing a professional level of service to relocation, one that is based on real dedicated local experience rather than second-hand knowledge. The services provided are based on years of working in the Middle East and learning all its ins and outs, as well as having an extensive knowledge of the USA and Europe. Our experience is gained through working for many years with thousands of families and individuals from all over the world and learning from their situations and problems.

Our consultants
Our consultants are highly qualified, multi-lingual and with an in depth understanding of both the local region as well as the needs of the expatriates and their families. Many of our staff have lived and worked in the US and Europe and thus have an intimate knowledge of the expatriate's needs.